Oct 5, 2017

Moving to a new operating system may not be something that you have been looking forward to doing. Windows 7 has been a very stable and reliable operating system for almost a decade. Windows 7 is in what Microsoft calls “Extended support”. When Microsoft rolls out a new operating system they agree to support that system for a certain period of time. As with windows XP and windows Vista that time is over. Microsoft always offers a type of grace period that will allow users to start getting ready to move. Slowly over time certain programs and some peripherals (things connected to your computer) might start to act differently. Browsers like Explorer, Google and Fire Fox will start to remind you that your operating system will no longer be supported.

The good news is after a year and a half windows 10 is a really good operating system. It always takes Microsoft at least a year to get everything to work together.Windows 10 may have a different look from windows 7 but the changes are very easy to adapt to with just a few tips. I need to mention that a native windows 10 computer (Native meaning windows 10 is the original operating system) and upgrading from windows 7 or windows 8 operating system are not created equal. Windows 7 and windows 10 have a completely different Bios system. Windows 10 will work on a windows 7 computer, but not as efficiently as a native windows 10 machine.

I have upgraded many windows 7 computers to the windows 10 operating system. Some work great, and some not so much. A lot of it depends on how many third party programs and apps you have on your computer. As an example, some quick book programs that worked fine with windows 7 can have a problem after the upgrade. When you do decide, or are made to make the change, I would backup all your files and buy a new windows 10 computer. Now let me be clear by saying that this is not something that you need to be worried about right now. Soon the train will be leaving the station, you can get on board or get left behind!

Things today are moving faster than ever before. If you do not make an effort to keep up with just the basic technology changes, your life could become much more difficult. Being seventy years old myself I know that changing from somethings that works well to something new is difficult. Microsoft, Apple and all the rest need to keep making money. If you have any questions about windows 10, or problems with any operating system just Email or call me.

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