Mar 15, 2017

Windows 10 updates are bringing a host of new problems to users. If you bought a new computer with windows (Native) Installed you will have less problems.

If you upgraded to windows 10 from windows 8 or windows 7 you are in for a rough ride. Starting a week ago (March 7th) I started getting calls from people with windows 10 problems. This in itself  is not unusual but the number of calls are up 400 percent. Problems include your password not being recognized, a message saying “your computer did not start correctly”, your activation needs to be renewed as well as several other problems. Microsoft is aware of these problems, and as usual they are trying to blame the problems on you the owner.

Windows 7 users are really being affected by these updates. There are just too many conflicts between windows 7 and windows 10. Some people seem to not be affected at all. No one knows why some computers are affected and others are not. If you are experiencing windows 10 problems you can contact me for some free information. One tip upfront is to avoid computer “clean up applications like CC cleaner. PC Matic and other clean up tools. Some of the things that are removed by these applications were great for windows 7 and 8. For windows 10 they can remove parts of windows that can completely shut down your computer.

Windows 10 issues account for 60 percent of my service call issues. These problems need to be fixed by Microsoft. Computer users should not need to be a computer expert just to keep their computer running.

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