May 3, 2017

If you find yourself in the market for a computer or computer service where do you go? Big box stores like Best Buy or Staples have the name recognition that may lead many people to believe that they are more professional. I have been in some of the sales meetings at both of these stores; and helping you find the right computer will never come up in that conversation. These by the name alone are big stores. Someone needs to pay for that big store, employees, utilities and all the rest needed to run that business. They are trained to sell whatever needs to be moved or whatever provides the biggest profit. There is nothing wrong with that, they call it Capitalism! Most of the time the sales people really don’t listen to what you say you need. These people are making just a little more than minimum wage. You might think that a new computer will come with a long warranty. If you pay extra you can buy a service contract that will cover you for a longer time. If you take the time to read those service agreements, there are many little exceptions  that can void the contract.

I can’t speak for other local small businesses in Boise, but here at the Computer Doctor Boise I am always listening to what my potential customers are saying. I am a small state registered business working from my home office to keep my prices low. I am not going to talk with a hundred customers every day. I do have some reconditioned desktop and laptop computers that I have for sale. The chances are good that if a customer is happy with their purchase they will be a potential repair client down the road. After ten years in business over 70 percent of my clients are repeat or referred by other clients.

As a former computer science teacher (at the college level) I can guarantee you that I am probably more qualified than most computer techs anywhere. On average my computers sell for about 1/3 the cost of a computer from a big box store. My repair rates are closer to 1/4 the price of what you will pay elsewhere. Because I have a very low cost of doing business I can pass the savings on to my customers. If my clients need advise or have a problem that needs attention I can be reached easily. There are no automatic systems designed to make your life more complicated. My clients know my phone number, my Email and where I live!!

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