Tip For November 2017

Nov 11, 2017

Lately many of my service calls have been centered around fake links and messages popping up on computer desktops. Some of these messages say things like “This is a message from Microsoft, your computer is in danger, please call the 800 number on your screen.” These messages vary, but the intent is to have you let someone access your computer remotely. Microsoft will never send you a message offering to help you! Have you ever tried to contact them? By the time you get this message they have already installed something on your computer.

I have also had many clients tell me that they called Cable One or some other internet provider for service issues. They are told that they need to contact a trusted tech support for help. These companies will never direct you to go to a third party. So why would they be told this when calling their provider? My guess is that they never really reached their provider. Many times when a person does an internet search for the number of a provider, they click on a choice that will take them to a bogus website. You NEVER want to let anyone other than someone you know or can trust to have remote access to your computer. If you call me at the computer doctor Boise, you may not know or have heard of me. If you do an internet search for my company name Computer Doctor Boise you will find my credentials. I have an A+ rating with the better business bureau. I am registered with the state of Idaho #D174231. This is a pretty clear indication that the state of Idaho and the better business bureau both know who I am, and where I live.

Your best bet is to check out the company and stay local. Those guys in India or Nigeria have no connection to anyone. They can take your money, leave open a back door and revisit you again at any time. Your best bet when infected is to turn off your computer and call a qualified friend or computer technician.

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