Stay Safe By Phone Or Online!

Nov 16, 2017

Virus and malware infections are only going to increase over the months and years to come. Companies who sell anti-virus programs cannot keep up with the new generation of Black Hat hackers. When James Clapper “head of NSA gets hacked” everyone is a target. I get questions all the time like ” what do they want?” They all want MONEY! I have articles on this site about some of the most common hacks. There is really no real way to stay 100 percent safe.

Most of the problems I deal with are much more difficult because the average person tries to fix the problem. For some tech savvy people this might work out well. For the average user it just causes more problems. If you get a message from someone claiming to be from Microsoft with an 800 number, It’s not Microsoft! They will never contact you online to help you with a virus problem. If you call what you think is your internet provider and get directed to a third party, you did not really reach your internet provider.

All of these malware problems are a little different. It is really impossible for me or anyone to give accurate information without looking at the actual problem. NEVER NEVER NEVER let anyone have remote access to your computer unless you have a reason to trust them. Reasons: They are local, they are members of the better business bureau, they are state registered. If they are local,state registered business and belong to the better business bureau, you have three reasons to trust them. If you find yourself facing a virus or malware problem, call or Email me. The information is free.    208-968-5780

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