Is Spending Big Money on SEO Worth it?

Jul 9, 2015

This is where I feel like I am performing a public service. So many people get sucked into spending a lot of money and get very little in return. I wish my business was so easy that I could charge customers large amounts of money for a service that guarantees nothing! This is my sixth Internet business and I have tried just about everything out there including varying levels of SEO or (Search Engine Optimization.) Now to be clear I am not saying that SEO is a scam but it can come pretty close in some cases. If you buy ad space on an Internet classified paid site you are not guaranteed that anyone will buy your product or service. You will however in a very short period of time be able to evaluate the success of advertising on that classified. Companies that sell SEO do not guarantee anything to happen in any specific time. After several months if you are not moving up in the rankings they will tall you it takes time. They usually follow that statement with “You know you would get faster results with out premium package.”I am not a web master or SEO expert but I have had enough experience with them to pass on a few tips that might save someone a lot of money.

  • If you paid someone to build your website they should provide some basic SEO included in the price of the website. This usually consists of indexing your website with the three biggest search engines. This only means that your website is optimized to be found if searched for on those search engine.
  • This is probably the most important factor in deciding on how much to spend on SEO! Are you selling an expensive product or service? This is what I call the “Thousand Dollar Apple Strategy.” You only need to sell a few! Why do you think contractors and real estate brokers can spend so much on advertising? They are selling expensive high profit products. If you make $15,000 per sale and you can see that your SEO investment is costing you $8,000 per sale then it’s time to turn up the faucet .
  • If you are selling a product or service where you make $100 to $500 per sale or service you literally have very little way of tracking what your SEO is getting you.
  • Most people do not know that if an SEO company really believes that they can increase your sales they will sometimes work on a conversion basis. They charge you more for the SEO work but they get paid for every sale you make. In other words you are partnering with them. Most companies selling these services want nothing to do with your results. They just want to get paid up front.

What does it take to sell an SEO package to someone? Do they need a license? Do they need credentials? They need absolutely nothing except your signature on the dotted line and your money up front of course. I know this article sounds pretty negative where SEO is concerned. This has been my experience and everyone else I know as well.

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