Hard Drive Clone Might be For You!!

Jan 15, 2018

With windows 7 going away soon most of us are going to end up using windows 10, if you already haven’t. In my computer repair service business I have seen quite a few things that should worry windows 10 users. Windows 10 seems to have a mind of it’s own. As I mentioned in a previous post, it is important to make regular restore points. For some reason, on some computers, windows 10 will turn off the system restore system after an update. Now this does not happen on every computer, and not with all updates. I have yet to find any pattern to this problem.

Like other windows 10 users, I can get to a point to where I am very satisfied with the system. Then out of the blue windows 10 throws me a curve ball! It does something that I have never seen before. Windows 10 updates seem to me a mystery to everyone. Sometimes the updates just won’t update correctly. If you do an internet search about this problem you will find many different suggestions. Microsoft is not much help when it comes to windows 10 glitches. If your computer was upgraded from another windows operating system, the problems seem to be worse. I’m sure that at some point they will work out all these problems. Until they do, I suggest considering a hard drive clone. Now backing up your files is good, and everyone should backup files, but what about your operating system and your programs?

A clone is an exact copy of your whole computer, files,operating system and programs. If something were to happen to your system, including a complete computer crash, you are only five minutes away to being right back in business. Take out the bad hard drive, put in the clone and press power! I know how hard it can be to be prepared when we all have so much going on. This is a cheap and fool proof insurance policy for your computer. The price for a clone of your system depends on how much information you currently have on your hard drive. For most hard drive system clone jobs I charge $50 plus the hard drive that the clone in on. If you are up to it you could clone your hard drive yourself. It’s kind of like I can fix my sprinkler system, but I usually hire a professional. I guess I am so busy fixing computers that I would rather pay someone who knows what they are doing to fix my sprinklers.

If you have any questions about making a clone, information here is free! larry@computerdoctorboise.comĀ  208-968-5780

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