Aug 23, 2016

I offer a full line of refurbished desktop computers. Here you can choose how much computer you need. These computers are business class computers and should not be confused with the computers you might find at best buy or staples. These computers are built to last.

For those who need something basic but with a little extra snap I have both Dell and HP towers. Both have big Intel dual core processors with 6 or 8GB ram. The hard drive sizes start at 250GB and go to one terabyte. All computers come loaded with Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft office 2010. Cost $ 125

For people needing more processing power I have quad core towers with 8 to 12 GB of matched ram. The Intel quad core processors paired with 8GB ram will handle most graphic and streaming needs. $150

For the folks with a need for speed I have towers configured with a solid state hard drive as the primary drive. Then a 250 to 500GB hard drive is used to store large files. Combined with 8 to 12 GB ram and a video card allowing for dual monitors these towers cannot be beat for anywhere the price. $195

These computers would cost you double the price elsewhere . For customers who buy I will transfer all the files from your old computer to the new one for $30.

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