Choosing the Right Computer for You!

Dec 9, 2016

Some people buy a new computer every few years; just as some people buy or lease a new can every few years. This article is not for those people. The most common user usually would like to have a computer that will meet all their needs and last for quite awhile. Meeting all your needs can sometimes be difficult because our needs can change. For that reason I recommend buying a computer that you as a user can “Grow into”.

A lot of my clients will say to me ” I just surf the internet, use Facebook and do a little banking”. Now just about any computer on the market will meet those needs. What happens if someone using the computer becomes interested in photography and editing programs? That basic computer might not have enough processing power to meet those needs. You can’t just install a faster processor in most computers. These days sometimes paying just a little more can get you a lot more in options and power.

The worst thing you can do is go to the big box store and try to get advice for the salespeople. They are trained to sell certain products; they seldom really listen to what you are saying. So here are the main factors to take into consideration: Processor, ram and hard drive storage. You can always add a larger hard drive and install more ram. The processor is usually there to stay. For this reason the processor should be your first consideration. For most people an Intel i3 or i5 will get the job done. If you go with an AMD processor I would not get anything below an A8 Quad core. Six to eight GB of ram and a 500GB hard drive should handle anything that you would ever do. For more specific advice just give me a call 208-968-5780.

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