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Computer Repair! Big Box Store Might Sub-Out the Work

Jul 3, 2015

So your computer needs a little help. You bought it at a well known electronics store so why not take it there for repair? You know it will probably cost you a little more but they will do the job right! The first think to understand is many big stores like Best Buy and Staples […]

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How to Really Maximize Your Craigslist Advertising

Jun 25, 2015

I have been using Craigslist to advertise my computer repair business for years. I also have sold Internet businesses and repossessed bank owned vehicles using Craigslist. This Internet classified is a giant and all others pale in comparison., oodle, the list is a mile long. These other Internet classifieds are almost worthless. So […]

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Computer Repair! Big Business VS Small Business

Jun 11, 2015

The time will come when our old faithful computer will have one problem or the other. It may be a virus, it could be malware or you may even have a hardware issue. When a problem happens most people have three choices, Buy a new computer, take it to a big well know company like […]

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Avoid Advertisers Offering Free Diagnostics

Jun 9, 2015

Today our economy is very different from even ten years ago. For businesses it’s all about getting new customers. Even though business has changed a lot over the years some of the tried and true methods of acquiring new customers have stayed the same. Offering things for free has always worked to get the attention […]

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Google Algorithm Back Door

May 20, 2015

Today all businesses have one thing in common. It really makes no difference if the business is a brick and mortar storefront or an internet business. You can have the best food, you can provide the best service or you can be selling the next big idea. Unless the client can find you the chances […]

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Virus and Malware Disguised as Help Link

May 13, 2015

Just yesterday I had a client  who had tried to change the password for his wireless router by going to the support page of the manufacturer. After following the instructions he lost all connection with his router. The next day he was not able to get the computer to boot up. This was a previous […]

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Google Reviews! Are they reliable?

Mar 18, 2015

Today so many people use online business reviews to help them find a good company or service. Most online companies that post business reviews try to do a good job of verification. Unfortunately it is easy to game the system and create false reviews. Using Google as an example all you need is a Google […]

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Independent Computer Technician or Big Box Store?

Mar 2, 2015

The virus and malware infecting computers today are much more difficult to completely remove and at the same time they cause more serious damage to the computer. According to Microsoft’s Expert Exchange ” seventy five percent of all computer issues involve either a virus, malware and usually both.” Most consumers do not realize that the […]

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The very best way to find a qualified computer technician

Feb 22, 2015

When computer problems arise there is no shortage of choices when looking for someone to repair your computer. Money is always one of the first considerations when choosing a computer tech. Even though big, well know companies like best buy and Staples need to charge more to cover their operating they should provide a more […]

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