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Jun 14, 2017

Buying a used computer is a better option now than ever before. The quality of products just seems to constantly get worse year after year. Where there once was metal, now there is plastic. The constant push to buy newer products is always the most important important thing to computer manufactures. Do we really need to keep getting the “New Generation” of products? Don’t get me wrong, many new technologies are worth exploring. The most important decision you will ever make before buying a new computer is knowing what you really need.

Today a user with a configuration of a quad core processor and 8 gigabytes of ram will be able to tackle 99 percent of all computer tasks. The hard drive size is something that is easy to tailor to your storage needs. The price of a 320GB hard drive and a one terabyte drive is only about $15 more for the larger drive. In this example size does matter, even if you don’t use it all. The hard drive and ram can easily be upgraded. The processor is usually not easily upgrade able and sometimes not an option. If you choose an Intel processor you can’t go wrong with an i5 version with and generation. The third generation processors usually offer faster USB ports and other newer options. For the AMD buyer I would not buy anything less than an A-10 quad core processor.

This article is designed to help the average user to get the most bang for the buck. If you are a gamer, musician or graphic artist your needs are for another article.

I prefer and sell only “Business class computers”. The business class line is a step above the consumer line found at places like Best Buy and Staples. Business class computers are usually more easily upgrade-able and a more solid build. The business class line can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer. I can to some degree customize a computer build to meet and exceed your needs for one quarter the price of a new computer. Buying from a repair technician is a better choice than buying from a salesperson. I don’t car what you buy as long as you are happy with your purchase. I look at all my computer sales as potential future clients.

To contact me about a computer purchase or custom build please feel free to contact me You can also just use the contact page.

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